Monday, June 16, 2008

Results from the weekend

Duathlon Provincials were held on Sunday and I took a break from studying for my CMA exam to take part. I was okay with my race as I was far from being focused, and my injury is still causing me problems. However, the injury is coming along and I am able to get some good workouts in. My strength is not at a comfort level that I would like as I am experiencing inflammation in the last few kilometers of 10 kms of running. I also managed to only get on my Time Trial bike for the first time in a year on Thursday. Not exactly the way I like to be prepared. I was just uncomfortable on my bike and was struggling with the gearing compared to my R3. Oh well. In the end I can only say that I was happy to be out there and on top of it the sun was shinning. Tuesday is exam day and after that I expect to be having an awesome summer of running and riding my bikes! Oh and drinking wine and some beers too.

Mike Chui did his first duathlon as well. I think he did well. I told him to kick my butt and he did. So nice work.

WASA Triathlon- well what a gathering of the big boys with 14 guys going under two hours! Ryan Murray continues to impress and was the last guy to break 2 hours. This is the third year I have coached and worked with Ryan. At the end of last year he began to break through on both the run and bike. He continues to make improvements. Ryan has never broken 2 hours in the Triathlon and this was over a 3 minute personal best. Ryan commented that the conditions were perfect and he is continuing to surprise himself. Ryan has learned that part of being of great athlete is enjoying the process of training; that racing is the gift at the end; and that the measure is not the clock but what you feel at the end of the race.

Kyle Marcotte was third at WASA - now how the heck does an Ironman guy go so fast, particularly one who has trouble finding the pool! Frank, you need to get a swim coach. Your swimming is as good a mine! Grant and Bart nice work. Grant I know you trainied through this as your focus is in two weeks. Trevor- well you always do well.

Hats off to my niece, Faye Stenning who ran 9:55 3km this weekend. In May, at the Oregan Twilight, Faye ran 17:28 for 5km. She continues to get back her strength since her injury. She runs the Victoria Track Classic 5000m on Thursday and is fit to run high 16 to low 17.

All the Alberta gals did well!

2008 Kajaks International Track Classic - Results
Event 13 Women 3000 Metre
Name Year Team Finals Points
1 919 Metivier Baillie, Flagstaff, AZ 9:17.30
2 888 Jewett, Tamara Toronto, ON 9:23.45
3 927 O'Connell, Jessica Calgary, AB 9:25.92
4 865 Findlay, Paula Edmonton, AB 9:41.12
5 908 MacGregor, Meredit Surrey, BC 9:46.71
6 953 Stenning, Faye Calgary, AB 9:55.25
7 938 Reeve, Sabrina Langley, BC 10:04.87
8 950 Skinner, Shauna Victoria, BC 10:11.76
9 947 Schoch, Teegan Kelowna, BC 10:16.65
10 917 McIvor, Laura Burnaby, BC 10:20.72
11 946 Sask, Erin Calgary, AB 10:25.76

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