Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ryan Murray Captures his Ironman Canada Spot

A big congratulations to Ryan Murray who delivered and grabbed his Ironman Canada spot. Ryan has been training hard and over the last 2 weeks was fighting some knee issues which hampered his biking and running. However, he hung in there and got what he went to Oliver to get.

Nice work by Kyle Marcotte who ended up 3rd pro. By the look of the time and splits, Kyle had an awesome race.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for all your guidance over the past few month on building up to Oliver. As always, you are a wealth of knowledge. It was certainly a team effort between your coaching and having a consistent training partner in Shari Boyle. Gotta' love those tempo runs and 2km intervals. I'll reluctantly assume there will be more of those in the near future.