Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bike Racing Experiences

Well this year I was eager to get back into bike racing and have some fun with it. I think most everyone enjoys the excitement of a Crit. (as a spectator that is). However, I decided to do the Tuesday night crits. as a way to get comfortable before I tackle them in a real race. So far I have done three of them and at each one I get better at the cornering and strategy. I am having loads of fun. It reminds me of the year I came off training for and competing in marathons and decided to do 3000/5000 on the track. That was a blast too.

This past weekend I was out at Banff and took part in the time trial. My time was horrible. One of my contacts flew out of my eye and onto my sunglasses. I wasted time trying to get it back in my eye while riding and realized that was not going to work. In the end I rode the rest of the time trial with the contact on the tip of my tongue. Every time I had to spit or swallow, I had to take the contact out of my mouth. I will get it back next time.

At my ripe age of 46 years, I take everything in stride. What I mean is that I enjoy the experience of just being able to still compete. I love the excitement of racing and seeing how the body and mind reacts. I still learn and hope to continue to pass on my learning's to others.

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