Sunday, April 27, 2008

Police Half Marathon

Shari Boyle catches her breath after her first place finish for the women in the half marathon. She finished in a time of 1 hour, 22 minutes and 11 seconds.
Ted Rhodes, Calgary Herald

Hard work pays off for Ryan Murray, Shari Boyle and Mike Chui. Ryan ran 1:18:02 compared to the 1:20:13 he ran last year. Shari won the female division in 1:22:07 which is a new course record. Mike Chui ran 1:39:29 which is a huge improvement over his 1:41:49 last year. Looks like Mike's big mileage over the winter months rewarded him well!

All are kicking off the season with a bang! Nice work guys and let's continue to move forward.


Anonymous said...

Is this the same Shari who has been banned twice for failing/avoiding doping tests and is banned from competing until 2009? Just curious.

polishbaba said...

Yes it is the Shari Boyle who is currently suspended for missing a drug test. She is not eligible to run sanctioned races but is eligible to run unsanctioned and certified courses. Her suspension is due in September 2009.

Just curious as to why you did not sign your name to your post. Shari does not hide the fact that she is suspended. She is open to telling her side of the story to those that ask.