Sunday, April 20, 2008

Vancouver Sun Run and Calgary Runner Results

Calgary Runners

Mostafa Asnam Calgary 31:47.5
Jeremy Deere Calgary 30:16.0
Lisa Harvey Calgary 33:59.4
Nathan Kendrick Calgary 30:39.6
Paul McCloy Calgary 33:02.6
Travis Cummings Calgary 33:09.1
Erin Sask Calgary 38:44.0
Natalie Thompson Calgary 35:56.7
Lindsay McLaren Calgary 36:29.0
Bart Ujack Calgary 38:13.3
Bryan Portman Nanaimo (previously Calgary) 34:38.5

Top Female Finishers

VANCOUVER -- Genet Gebregiorgis, of Ethiopia, was the first woman to cross the finish line at the 10-kilometre Sun Run this morning, clocking a time of 33 minutes, 36 seconds.

Lisa Harvey, of Calgary, finished second overall and was the top Canadian in the 24th annual race with a time of 33:58.

The two women were followed by:

Kirsty Smith, Victoria, 34:12

Cheryl Murphy, Victoria 34:14

Edyta Sieminska, Edmonton 35:11

Marilyn Arsenault, Victoria 35:14

Suzanne Evans, New Westminster 35:25

Paula Wiltse, Kingston, Ont., 35:29

Natalie Thompson, Calgary 35:56

Rachel Ruus, Richmond 36:23

Top Male Finishers

VANCOUVER SUN RUN -- Festus Langat of Kenya, encountered little opposition in winning the overall title at the 2008 Sun Run today.

With a record number of 59,197 entrants, Langat was first cross the finish line in the elite men's division with an unofficial tie of 29 minutes, 29 seconds.

In second place was Langat's countryman Philiph Koech in 29:36. In third place, two seconds behind Koech was White Rocks' Ryan Hayden, the top Canadian in 29:38.

Langat keeps alive the tradition of each African owners at the Sun Run. In the last 10 years, Michael Power, of Australia, is the only non-African champion. He won in 2005.

The three top male finishers were followed by:

Steve MacIntyre, Colombia 30:09

Mark Bomba, Coquitlam 30:10

Derek Nakluski, Kitchener, Ont. 30:12

Jeremy Deere, Calgary 30:16

Jim Finlayson, Victoria 30:19

Ryan Day, Richmond, 30:38

Nathan Kendrick, Calgary 30:39

Men and Women 40+


1. Steve Boyd 31:04

2. Rob Lonergan 31:44

3. Paul McCloy 33:02


1. Marilyn Arsenault 35:14

2. Paula Wiltse 35:29

3. Nancy Tinari 36:36

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