Wednesday, April 30, 2008

US Natonal Duathlon Championships

Looks like the top 10 age group men and women were capable of competing with the Elite category. Given that the Elites can draft and the Age Group Athletes cannot, I wonder how the results would change if the playing field was changed.

Age Group Women

1. Suzanne Huelster 2:16:26
2. Gail Kattouf 2:19:09
3. Julie Deery 2:22:05
4. Andrea Myers 2:23:25
5. Jax Mariash 2:24:37
6. Christine Corey 2:24:45
7. Amy Gray-Smith 2:25:06
8. Kristine Kuss 2:25:32
9. Angela Thatcher 2:25:42
10. Janelle Renschler 2:25:49
11. Marlo McGaver 2:26:08
12. Jana Severson 2:26:39

Elite Women

1. Anne Curi Preisig, 40, Falmouth, MA, 2:20:52
2. Bianca Simpson, 33, Chester Springs, PA, 2:22:38
3. Nik Vogler, 29, Calgary, Alberta, CA 2:25:46
4. Jenifer Martin 2:28:05
5. Becky Keller 2:30:19

Age Group Men

1. Chris Ganter 2:02:08
2. Rick Fesler 2:02:27
3. Nathanael Glackin 2:03:10
4. Stephen Dupree 2:04:13
5. Jeff Miller 2:04:28
6. Jimmy Parrott 2:04:31
7. Casey Williams 2:04:49
8. Adam Ostot 2:04:51
9. Mike Marsteller 2:05:12
10. Austin Jackson 2:05:19
11. Zakary Noles 2:05:34
12. Cyrus Severance 2:05:53

Elite Men

1. Matthew Russell, 25, Boulder, CO, 1:58:02
2. Ryan Guiliano, 24, Schaumburg, IL, 1:58:58
3. Ryan Ignatz, 30, Boulder, CO, 1:59:13
4. Tom Jeffrey 1:59;28
5. Derek Kite 1:59:54
6. Josh Beck 2:03:12
7. Jimmy Archer 2:03:47
8. Billy Edwards 2:06:33
9. Kevin Smith 2:08:40


Kyle Marcotte said...

Was it even the same course?

Most of the time the elites race on differnt courses and unlike the the age-group race, the elite races are to win, they are not time trial races.

You should know the difference.

Kyle Marcotte said...

The age-group races and elite races are often on different courses, so the results are not comparable.

Also, unlike a time trial format (age-group race), the elite races are strategic. i.e. you only want to get to the line first before your competitors, you aren't concerned with time.

Even with drafting, it's not like it is a team time trial. Sometimes you actually go slower in a pack of there are constant attacks. There are far more surge/stop efforts.

So even if it was on the same course, it's not the same race.

polishbaba said...

I do know that the set-up for age and elite courses are different. In fact, the age category course tends to be harder and the elite courses tend to be loops. My point is that there are individuals who compete in age category that should be competing in elite. In addition, at US and Canadian Nationals for elite women, since the field is so spread out, drafting really does not occur. It is not like the elite men's which is indeed strategic. The women's race is really a indiviual time trial from beginning to end.

In order for a sport to develop at the elite level, something has to be done so that star age category individuals have to move into elite.

Kyle, you cannot compare what you know about the men's race to the women's race. The women's race is seldom strategic unfortunately.

I should have expanded on my comment in my initial post. Thanks for posting you points/perspective.