Thursday, June 02, 2011

Penticton Cycling Camp 2011- Days 5 to 7

Day 5 in Penticton was a long day.  7 hours in the saddle and 170 km.  We headed rode out to Oliver, made our way to Black Sage Road, and to Osoyoos.  We then climbed up Anarchist.  We took the exact route back.  Our original plan was to return via Seacrest and area 51 to the wall.  However, the wind picked up, and the legs were simply too tired.

As we made it back into Penticton, Peter spotted a baby duck on the side of the road.  Peter, being the super hero he is, picked up the duck, and took it to the pond.  Duck saved.

Day 6 in Penticton was another long day.  Dave is doing Ironman so we did the Ironman loop.  Another 6 hours in the saddle.

Day 7, our last day.  Our original plan was to head to the USA, and do my favorite ride.  However, we opted not to do a big ride (i.e. 240 km) but instead climb Apex and call it a week.   Perfect day to do Apex.  For the first time I did not freeze my fingers and toes on the descend.  Still lots of snow at the top of Apex!

Statistics for the 6 days of biking:

740 km of riding
32 hrs 48 min in the saddle
Total amount of climbing 10,100 m or 38,181 ft
Total amount of descending 10,049 m or 37,985 ft

Food consumed- a lot
Beer consumed- 12 bottles
Wine consumed- 1 bottle
Chamois cream- 1 tube
Number of near bonks- 1

We all survived and sugar lows resulted in no snapping at each other.  Now that is a first!

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