Monday, May 30, 2011

Penticton Cycling Camp 2011- Days 1 to 4

Having a blast cycling in Penticton.  Focus this year is on major climbing.

Sunday consisted of two rides.  Ride one went from Penticton out to Summerland and up to Camp Boyle.  Upon desending from Camp Boyle we headed up Giant's Head.  We returned back to Penticton and had lunch at the house we rented.  We rode 80 km with two major climbs.

Upon descending Camp Boyle, we came across this sign:

Red Neck Yacht Club
Our afternoon ride headed out to Chute Lake.  Great ride with a major climb.  Our ride was 50 km.  The afternoon ride was followed up by a 20 min run.

Monday we rode out to Green Mountain Road doing the 20km gradual climb to Apex, and then climbed up Yellow Lake to Twin Lakes.  We then descended into Oliver.  Our intent was to climb Baldy but it started to thunder so we rode back into Penticton.  Our distance was 117 km.  On route toward Yellow Lake we had to wait 20 min for construction so we sat around and enjoyed the sun.

Sandra, Dave, and Peter
Tuesday we rode out to OK Falls, up the wall.  We then proceeded to climb up to Twin Lakes, and descend into Penticton.  Since there is construction by Yellow Lake our descend was vehicle free.  It was a blast.  We entered Penticton, and made our way over to Carmi.  We climbed up Carmi and also to Lost Moose.  What an amazing climb.  Double summit equals 13 km of climbing.  Distance today was 103 km.

Distance over 3 days - 347 km.

Wednesday was a rest day from cycling.  I ventured out and did an 80 minute run.  Felt good to run, and stretch out the legs.

The rest of the week will consist of big days.  Stay tuned.

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