Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vancouver Sun Run

Some great running today in Vancouver for the Sun Run.  Eric Gillis of Guelph and Lucy Njeri, a Kenyan now based in Toronto, were the male and female winner.  A Canadian male has not won the Sun Run since 1997.  Paula Findlay, Canada's top Olympic Distance Triathlete, was second in a fast time of 33:47 min. 

Master Athletes, Lucy Smith and Lisa Harvey finished 9th and 10th, clocking times of 35:25 min and 35:31 min respectively.  Nice!

Two of my athletes had great races.  Geoff Hopfner ran 34:03 min after wrestling with food poisoning the day before.  He struggled through stomach issues in the second half of the race. 

Kathryn Waslen continues to improve and ran another personal best time of 38:31 min.
Thirteen women ran under 36 min.  Damn good for Canadian soil.

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