Saturday, April 16, 2011

Just in from Michael Parker- great Salt Lake City Marathon result

I am so excited!

I finished in 3:19:05.

I felt great. I kept the 4:40 pace almost the entire race. At mile 25, there was a 1 mile hill that was brutal, but I was determined to beat 3:20.

I started to get leg cramps at km 39 (on the hill), but i was determined to not get them.

I powered through right to the finish.

My time qualifies me for Boston! I may not get in with the new registration procedures, but at least I qualified.

Will send you my split times tomorrow.

I left it all on the course, I had nothing left to give.


Mike ran a 3:45 marathon in September.  So absolutely great performance at Salt Lake City.  When we spoke about what I felt he could run, I said I thought he was capable of running 3:15.  Proud of you Mike!  Way to lay it all down!

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