Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Take a moment to remember!

November 11 - a time to remember those that gave their lives!

My father and two of his brothers fought in World War II.  My Grandfather fought in World War I.  I cannot imagine the feelings my grandparents had as they watched THREE of their sons leave for war; never knowing if they would return!  Two returned but the one did not.  My uncle, who I never met, has been a memory of mine through pictures and stories.  Adolf Edward Yaworski was an Air Force pilot and was killed in the line of duty.

My dad spoke very little about the war, and most of the things I know about my dad and his war experiences are stories my mom tells me.  My dad was an engineer, and his job in the War was to build bridges and diffuse land mines.  I cannot imagine that!  We talk about stress in our lives but this thought of my dad having to diffuse a land mine quickly provides a reality check.  My father passed away in 1999. 

I grew up in a town in Saskatchewan called Rama.  This is where my dad and uncles are remembered for their war efforts.  In Northern Saskatchewan, there is an Island that carries our family name.  It is to honour my dad and my two uncles.  It is located here:

On November 11, take that moment of silence and remember!  We should NEVER forget!

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