Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stewart Cup- Provincial Cross Country Championships hit Canmore Park on October 30

This Saturday is shaping up to be the most competitive Cross Country field for women that I have ever seen in Alberta!  This will be a more competitive field than Nationals in my opinion.  The Men's field is pretty strong as well.

In the men's field it will be interesting to see how the legend Jeremy Deere (numerous Canadian CX team member) and the youngsters like Kelly Wiebe (Regina Cougars), Ian Fyfe (Regina Cougars), Scot Nicol (Calgary Dinos) will battle.  For good measure I entered an athlete who will attempt to upset the mix; Berhan Hussein (Ethiopia) will be negotiating his first competitive race here.

In the women's field, the most awesome runners are competing.  In the past, it has always been the men that people came to watch, but if you want to see racing then get yourself to see this race!  The field includes:

Lisa Harvey (list of credentials too long to list but has been a Canadian CX team member several times), Shari Boyle (5th at Nationals in Steeple and former member of Canadian CX team), Jenn and Jodi Souter, Lisa Mensink (Olympian- Triathlon), Paula Findlay (Canada's top Triathlete and winner of best runner award at Triathlon World Cup), Grace and Ciara Kary, FAYE STENNING (my niece!!!), Caitlin Warkentin (Huskies), Karisa LePage (Cougars)... and there are more but watch out for these to battle it out for the positioning within the top ten.

Women's race is at Noon - both Junior and Senior race together - 5000 meters
Men's race is at 1 pm -  both Junior and Senior race together - Junior 8000 meters and Senior 10000 meters.

By the way, it will be my birthday so be sure to remind me when you see me!

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