Monday, May 25, 2009

Results Results from Athletes

This year has been a very busy year for me on the coaching front. Kronos Triathlon Club has grown greatly and we have athletes in our Kids of Steel Program and Junior Program, as well as, athletes doing the Olympic, Half and Ironman distances. Putting together all the plans has kept me really busy. Bart has done an excellent job in delivering the program and our athletes have all improved greatly. I am very proud of our success!!

As well, my individual athletes have had great success. Heather Johnston rocked in her first couple of multi sport events. At Bare Bones Duathlon she placed second overall and improved her performance by over 3 minutes. Every week Heather would comment on how hard the bike workouts were. Well they certainly did what they were intended to do!

Heather's second race was Oliver Olympic Triathlon where she placed fourth. This was another great performance where she went into the race not rested.

Martin Lautsch ran the Ottawa Marathon to a 3:19:13 performance. His goal was to qualify for Boston which he did. Earlier this year Martin ran 3:21:07 which was over 4 minutes faster than his previous personal best.

Nice work Martin and Heather.

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