Sunday, April 19, 2009

Vancouver Sun Run

Once again, I made the trek to Vancouver to take in the Sun Run. This is my favourite race. I never ran this race until I was over 40. I would have loved to have known how fast I could have run this course in my prime years! However, as a master I have posted a 37:20 but that was in 2002 at the young age of 41. In 2006, at 45 years of age I ran 38:45. Today at age 47, I ran 39:56 min. I ended up 39th female, 6th Master Female (over 40), and 2nd in my age category. I am happy with the time. Would I have loved to have gone faster, absolutely. I felt great and ran what the day gave me. I was fresh and confident, and I enjoyed every minute of this race today. Not for one second did any negative thoughts enter my head. I wonder if that is because as I age my only measurement becomes the year I am in and not the expectations of a personal best?

The night before, I watched the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". An amazing movie. A movie that really makes you think about time, love, life and death. If you liked "Life as a House", you will like this movie. I also went out for my short distance pre-race meal and my favourite thing to eat, sushi. Before you know it, I racked up $30 in sushi off the floating boats of sushi.

Kronos athlete Bryce Greenwood ran the Sun Run as well and posted a personal best time of 34:29. Also, Triathlete Olympian and Speed Theory teammate, Lisa Mensink ran a personal best time in a smoking time of 34:43. She was 8th female. The women's field was very tight with only 41 seconds separating first and eighth place. Crazy!

After the race, I wondered around Robson St. Two new things caught my attention that I have not seen in Vancouver before (or anywhere else for that matter). The first thing was bacon ice cream. Yes, fried up bacon stirred in ice cream. Now I am not bacon fan but a dear friend of mine is; it made me think of her immediately.

The second thing was this Japadog stand which had a line up for at least a block. I was curious. So as I watched people order and read the menu, I became in interested. I ended up having a Turkey Terimayo. It is a dog smothered in Japanese mayo, nori, teriyaki sauce, fried onions and topped with seaweed. Now I am not a fan of dogs since having worked in a snack bar when I was in grade 9 and 10; the smell usually sends me running. However, this was interesting and after all I needed to endulge in something "not so good for me". BTW- the dog was darn tasty. An explosion of tastes in my mouth which reverted me back to a scene in the movie I watched where they were eating caviar and drinking vodka. The connection is that I have never tried that either but am curious now!

BTW, 55,858 people sign-up for the race and this was the 25th running of the race. Here is how the top guns played out:

Overall Winners Name City/Country Time Prize
1. Willy Kimosop Kenya 29:04 $3,000
2. Dylan Wykes Kingston, ON 29:12 $1,000
3. Kiprotich Yegon Kenya 29:33 $500
Name City/Country Time Prize
1. Abebu Gelan Ethiopia 34:04 $3,000
2. Chantell Widney Edmonton, AB 34:23 $1,000
3. Fiona Docherty Boulder, CO 34:25 $500
Top Canadians
Name City/Country Time Prize
1. Dylan Wykes Kingston, ON 29:12 $2,000
2. Richard Mosley Coquitlam, BC 29:41 $1,000
3. Scott Simpson Victoria, BC 30:08 $750
4. Mark Bomba Coquitlam, BC 30:39 $500
5. Rejean Chiasson Ottawa, ON 30:41 $250
Name City/Country Time Prize
1. Chantell Widney Edmonton, AB 34:23 $2,000
2. Kristina Rody Burnaby, BC 34:27 $1,000
3. Cheryl Murphy Victoria, BC 34:29 $750
4. Lucy Smith Sidney, BC 34:33 $500
5. Lisa Harvey Calgary, AB 34:36 $250
Masters (40+)
Name City/Country Time Prize
1. Mark Bomba Coquitlam, BC 30:39 $750
2. Steve Boyd Kingston, ON 31:09 $500
3. Tony Young Redmond, WA 32:20 $250
Name City/Country Time Prize
1. Lucy Smith Sidney, BC 34:33 $750
2. Joan McGrath New Westminster, BC 37:16 $500
3. Helen Ritchie Vancouver, BC 38:50 $250
Name City/Country Time
Men - Quad Division
1. James Hustvedt North Vancouver, BC 41:39
2. Robert Mabey Kelowna, BC 51:31
Women - Quad Division
1. Michelle Stilwell Nanoose Bay, BC 35:43
Men - Open Division
1. Kelly Smith Langley, BC 24:04
2. Paul Clark Kelowna, BC 32:54
3. Alvin Lee Vancouver, BC 51:44
Women - Open Division
1. Jessica Des Mazes Victoria, BC 39:56
2. Kiran Aujlay Delta, BC 51:26

Thank you to Colin Timberlake for his nice write up on his website. I have never met Colin but after he left a comment on my blog I looked him up. I am honoured to have inspired you! Check out his site and the write-up:


Colin Timberlake said...

Congratulations. Inspiring Attitude!

Colin Timberlake said...

Ha, thanks for the plug, Sandra. You're in some very good company on the list but you deserve it!