Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sun plus bike equals riding

I love the bike but my passion is running. Running has always been the thing I do to figure out how things work; it has always been my sanctuary. There have been times since 2002, where my ability to run and compete well have been impacted by different obstacles. However, the bike has made up for that. I am happy to have found the bike to compensate for the lack of miles that I can put on feet. I was a very talented runner and I had many good years of competing. I made the best of those years by taking time out of my career to compete and be the best that I could be. Those were great years!

I have always found that being a runner/cyclist has allowed me to find a way to connect the relationship between my emotional and athletic life. For me, focusing on being a great athlete has allowed me to explore and channel emotional conflicts. So now whether I am training on my bike or running, I love the freedom of being with my own thoughts.

What the years have shown me is that running clarifies the thinking process as well as purifies the body. I think best -- most broadly and most fully -- when I am running. - Amby Burfoot

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