Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Pat's 10 km / 5 km

Today was the St. Pat's 10km and 5km race. Well actually the distances were 10.1 km and 5.4 km. I do not understand why they made us run down an icy hill and around a corner within the first 200 meters. Could they not have just moved the start line??? Regardless, it was Calgary's first race of the season and the first race in the Alberta Timex Series. The race attracted more elite runners than in the past in both distances. Also, it was spring break so some great runners going to school in the US were home.

First, I must brag about the Kronos Triathlon Club, in which I am one of the coaches and the Athlete Development Director for, and how much improvement the athletes have made since October from the Time Trial they did. Every single person improved their 5km performance from October by anywhere from 10 seconds to 2.5 minutes. Awesome! I am so proud of our athletes. April takes a huge swing for the athletes as they now really begin to focus more on their individual distances: Olympic, Half and Ironman distances.

I too raced and was happy with my performance. This is really the first race I have run pain free in two years. Each week my training has progressed and I feel stronger, faster and fitter. My goal is to run the Vancouver Sun Run in 5 weeks from today. This was my stepping stone and I am happy to say that I felt great. My start was too slow and likely cost me about 5 positions and 40 seconds. But I ran solid. I ran most of the race with another master athlete and we really pushed each other. We pushed the last 4 km and made ground on almost catching 5 runners just ahead of us. I am happy to say that this was a confidence booster. Now once I do another 10km in couple of weeks, taper, throw on racing flats and get a more aggressive start, I should be able to shave a minute off. That means once I hit the Sun Run which is at sea level, I should be at least 2 to 3 minutes faster than what I was today. BTW, I ran just under 42 minutes for 10.1 km so likely 41:20 for 10 km.

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