Sunday, February 22, 2009

Favourite Workouts this Week and Kudos

First and foremost kudos:

Martin Lautsch, who is coached by me, achieved a personal best over the marathon distance on a tough course. Martin ran the Lost Dutchman race in Arizona posting a time of 3:21:07, over 4 minutes off his previous best time in Vancouver. Nice work Martin!

It was a tough year for Martin with the passing of his father and lots of travel. Proud of you!!

Martin commented: "It was the strongest I felt at the end of a race and I did not go through the usual HE** from 30 - 40 km. My times did fall off from km 25 - 40 compared to the rest of the race but not compared to other races. This part of the race was for the most part up hill. Bottom line I am pleased with my performance."

Training partner, Syl Corbett travelled to the central Canada to run the National Snowshoe Race and claimed the National title. Syl had to train heavily on the bike over the last several weeks due to a broken toe. She was a good sport and endured some heavy duty bike workouts in my garage. Nice work Syl.

Training this past week was awesome. I had some great workouts and feel my fitness took a huge jump forward. So as promised here are my favorite workouts from this past week:

Run: 15 minutes easy; drills/strides/ (2x200, 2x1000, 2x200) x2. 200s were hard and 1000s were at 10km race pace less 10 seconds per km. Recovery was 90 seconds after the 200s and 2 minutes after the 1000s.

Bike: 85 min total time
w-up: 15 min easy spin;

Big Gear / Low Heart Rate:

6 X 5:00 in big gear while maintaining a low heart rate. The objective was to tax the muscle fibers, not the heart; thus keeping the heart rate relatively low. Each interval was followed by a 5 minutes easy spinning recovery.

cl-dwn: 10 min easy spin

Train hard my friends and continue to do it cause you love it!!

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