Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend = Great Performances

Congratulations to the following athletes who competed this past weekend:

Rosemarie Gerspacher - finished 18th female at Chicago Marathon in a time of 2:47:25. Top Canadian female!

Jane McCurdy - finished Chicago Marathon in 3:35:01. Jane broke some bones in her hand two weeks ago, and we were not sure if she would even be able to run. Not the time she is capable of running but still solid. Watch for Jane in her next attempt as she will run around the 3 hour mark.

Ashley Turgeon - finished Chicago Marathon in a wicked time of 3:37:39. This is post Ironman Canada. We thought 3:40 to 3:45. She certainly smashed that!

Michael Parker - ran 3:05 at St George Marathon. Another PB by 8 minutes!

Laura Brescia - ran a 5 min PB at Victoria Marathon in a time of 3:39.

Goeff Hopfner - was second at the Granville Island Turkey Trot in Vancouver. He ran 33:50 for 10km, 8 seconds off of first.

Rhonda Jewett - was second female and third overall at Ambulance Chasers 5k.  She ran 19:39.

It was a proud coaching weekend for me!

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