Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Interview with Ashley Turgeon and her preparation for Ironman Canada

Ashley Turgeon has been coached by me for about a year now.  She first came out just to improve her running.  This past June, I began to coach her toward her preparation for Ironman in all three components of the sport. 

I asked Ashley about her training under my guidance.

1.       How has your preparation for IM Canada been going?

I think it is going pretty well....I am feeling stronger than last year in all 3 areas. 

2.       You have done IM previously, how has your preparation differed than in the past?

I have trained a lot more consistently this year. I  have been hitting my major workouts. I credit a lot of this to you for holding me accountable. As well, at a more specific level my workouts have been a lot more targeted this year (ie X amount of time in X zone on the bike) rather than doing as much steady state work as I previously did. 

3.       What has been the hardest part of your preparation?

Getting through training sessions when you are already so tired. I also have been struggling with not being as excited about IM as I was last year. 

4.       What do you feel will be you strongest component of the IM?

I think just pulling everything together. I am not going to be the fastest swimmer, biker or runner there but I hope to just stay consistent throughout the day.  

5.       What is the hardest workout you have done and how do you feel it has prepared you?

Oh there were so many....which one to pick. I think I would have to say a 214km ride that I did the day after a 170km ride was my hardest workout. Getting through that reinforced sometimes you just have to suck up all your negative thoughts and just push through a ride and it was a big confidence boost for me to know I can do that! 

6.       Talk about goals for the race in general...

I would like to improve upon my race from last year in all 3 disciplines time wise. I think though my bigger goal is just to try pushing myself a little more. Last year I had a really conservative race and was reasonably comfortable (if that is possible during an ironman) all day - so I just want to push myself a little harder this year. I think your workouts especially on the bike have prepared me for that. 

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