Sunday, March 13, 2011

Classic St. Patrick's Day Road Race

Yesterday was the first running road race of the season and a chance for a few of my athletes to get their tune-up race in for key events in April and May.  It was a chance to flush the cobwebs out. 

Geoff Hophner ran a great race and finished up second in a time of 35:22.40.  Frank (fast legs) Woolstencroft ran a super race and took the win in 34:18:00.  Frank took charge of the race and surprised his competitors by throwing down some surges early in the race.  Good strategy on his part as everyone else decided not to respond, feeling it was too early in the race.

Geoff is preparing for the Calgary Marathon.  He will be running the Vancouver Sun Run and Bloomsday prior to that.

Kathryn Waslen, coming off of being sick all week, ended up in third spot. It was a battle between second and third spot with only 6 seconds separation in the finishing time.  Kathryn ended up running 40:39.45 which is a great start to the season for her.  Kathyrn broke 40 min for the first time in the fall of last year; crushed the barrier by running 39 min.
Kathryn is preparing for the Vancouver Sun Run and Calgary Half Marathon.
Michael Parker continues to improve as he prepares for the Salt Lake City Marathon.  Michael ran 43:33.80 min which is about what I expected him to run. 

Shelley Bender who comes out and trains with my group on Thursday nights posted a great 5km time for her.  She continues to mark improvements in her running.  She finished up third in a time of 21:36.05 min.   Shelley finished behind long-time competitors of mine, and now awesome master runners, Ronda Clarke and Heather Price.  Rhonda somewhere in her 40s run 19;52.65 and Heather somewhere in her 50s ran 21:21.50.

Love that spring is here and that the racing has begun!

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