Friday, September 03, 2010

Kronos Triathlon and a new chapter...

After five years of coaching, two years of mentoring the coaching staff, two years of developing all the athlete periodization including designing and implementing individual race distance discipline programs and individual yearly training plans (run, bike, swim and strength), three years of clinics/camps, two years of progressively implementing youth programs, and two years of aggressively promoting, I have parted ways with the Kronos Triathlon Club. I am moving on to continue to develop my own coaching practise. Over the last two years my own coaching practise has suffered as I have been juggling my duties for Kronos Triathlon Club and my career as a Program / Project Manager doing large scale ERP implementations.

A week ago, I made a decision that I wanted to be closer to the athletes I coached. I have missed working one on one with athletes. I have missed the connection that develops when working closely with developing athletes, athletes who simply just aspire to be better, and the teens who are the future of sport. My arrangement with the Kronos Triathlon Club was no longer serving my own goals and aspirations. Simply being the "back office" brain while someone else delivered my work was no longer an arrangement I wanted to continue and felt it was bordering on being ethically wrong. I made a proposal to the club to take over as full-time coach / administrator of the club. It was rejected with the message given to me that I did not align with the future goals and long term strategy of the club. Obviously, the Board has no idea how I contributed. I feel cheated as I have been the person who has been looking forward and has put in place programs to attract both youth and adults to the club. I have been the person who has been looking forward and not in the moment. Anyone who knows me clearly recognizes that I am an implementer; my ideas have already gone through my internal filtering system. As such, I walked away from the club as the message given to me was far from the truth and hurt me immensely.

I am excited about building my coaching practise from the ground up again. I have spent the last couple of weeks building some exciting potential partnerships and am looking forward to the next two years as this all transpires.

In the meantime if you are wanting to join a run group..... read below.

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Stay tuned for a new website which combines my personal blog with my coaching blog. Some exciting features will include newsletter subscriptions that will provide you with training tips and tools, courses being offered and information on training venues and packages both locally and in Belgium, Canada and United States. Over the years, as an high performance athlete and coach, I have worked with some of the best coaches. I will now be leveraging these connections to create some exciting stuff.

About my Run Group

Need someone to train with?
Looking to get faster?
Looking to improve your form?

Then join up with my group for some training on Thursday nights.

• We meet Thursday nights for interval and form work

• Cost is $150 per session (16-week sessions): Sept. to Dec.; Jan – April, May – Aug. for the once a week coached session

• Come November we move indoors to the Oval and you need to pay your own entrance fee

• If you are looking for an individualized program, I can help with that as well. For those signing up for the Thursday intervals, the cost for an individual run program is $50 per month. Programs for Triathlon are also available and if you join my run group, the cost is $100 per month for an individualized triathlon program.

Contact me at to register now.

This is not a learn to run program and individuals must be able to run 45 minutes comfortably. The sessions will involve tempo, interval and speed work. A strong emphasis will be on proper running mechanics.

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