Monday, September 27, 2010


The biggest weekend in Alberta Cyclocross will return for it's third great year this October 2nd and 3rd. The Dark Knight and The Oval 'Cross are back. Rumour has it that it is ... bigger, better, and well ... new.

The courses move to C.O.P. I am sure the atmosphere and lunacy will be the same as in the past. If you have not experienced watching cyclo cross ... well this is the weekend to get on that. I have raced both the Dark Knight and the Oval Cross since they have begun. The Dark Knight is fun, crazy and blasting with music to make you want to shake your bootie whilst on a bike.

There is going to be a downhill pump track (frankly I do not know what that is) but it sounds fun as it promises air!

Pepper Harlton

Katy Curtis

Catch the action at C.O.P. Here are the details:

Saturday: (mixed racing)
6 pm is when it all happens for novice riders
7 pm is when the non-elites rip it up (people like me)
8 pm the more experienced riders go off (including the top females)
9 pm darn they are good riders smash up the course

10:00am Sport Men, U15 Boys and Girls
(start in 2 min intervals, race for 40min)
11:00am Open Women (race for 40min)
12:15pm Expert Men (50 min)
1:30pm Elite Men (race for 1 hour)

GET THOSE COW BELLS OUT!!! And bring your loudest voice!

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