Saturday, July 24, 2010

Paula Findlay wins in London!!!!

Twenty-one-year-old Canadian Paula Findlay takes the women’s field at the Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship London, running away with the win in a time of 1:51:48.

Amazing splits:

Swim 00:19:43 T1 00:00:32 Bike 00:57:17 T2 00:00:27 Run 00:33:51

What about cycling and Tour de l'Abitibi.... check it out as Craig Logan is in second after 5 of 6 stages and Alberta's own Kris Dahl is in 13th. Sweet!

1 115 AUS19920102 MORTON, Lachlan Team Holowesko Partners 08:48:47
2 24 CAN19920219 LOGAN, Craig Canada 08:49:26 +0:00:39
3 182 USA19921015 FRANCK, Eamon Team Specialized Racing Juniors 08:49:30 +0:00:43
4 196 USA19921107 NOONAN, Zack Young Medalists/Team Dual Tem 08:49:44 +0:00:57
5 44 NZL19930617 J ORAM, James Nouvelle-Zélande 08:49:46 +0:00:59
6 63 USA19920723 JONDALL, Thomas USA National Team 08:49:55 +0:01:08
7 193 USA19920620 CARPENTER, Robin Young Medalists/Team Dual Tem 08:50:00 +0:01:13
8 172 USA19930902 J LIPSCOMB, Mathew South Eastern Regional 08:50:07 +0:01:20
9 94 USA19920214 TURNER, Edison DIY Music 08:50:10 +0:01:23
10 41 NZL19930522 J CREIGHTON, Scott Nouvelle-Zélande 08:50:13 +0:01:26
11 183 USA19930701 J LABERGE, James Team Specialized Racing Juniors 08:50:13 +0:01:26
12 46 NZL19921212 WRIGHT, Louis Nouvelle-Zélande 08:50:15 +0:01:28
13 22 CAN19920707 DAHL, Kris Canada 08:50:19 +0:01:32
14 185 USA19930126 J PHILIPP, Torey Team Specialized Racing Juniors 08:50:20 +0:01:33
15 23 CAN19920325 DESHAIES, Jean-Samuel Canada 08:50:20 +0:01:33
16 21 CAN19930901 J CATAFORD, Alex Canada 08:50:25 +0:01:38

World Junior Track and Field Championships in Moncton

Men's 5000m Final
Ross Proudfoot, 14th, 15:03.13
"The field is deep, those guys are in a whole other league. I see where this type of competition stands, which will prepare me for future competitions."

Women's 3000m Steeplechase Final
Geneviève Lalonde, 6th, 9:57.74 New pending Canadian Junior Record & New Americas Junior Record
"It’s really cool - a totally amazing feeling after this race. I didn’t know if this was going to happen at the first of the year but to finally bring it all together in my hometown at the end of the year, it’s a great feeling. I was a little worried about trying to keep up with them, but I thought I would try something new and it worked out very well for me. It was a wave of noise every time I came by the crowd and it’s what you need when you are trying to run a race like this."

Women's 5000m Final
Victoria Hanna, 14th in 17:28.99
"Love the home crowd, I started strong but as you could see I struggled at the end."

Women's 800m
Carly Paracholski, 5th in semi final #1, 2:05.99 PB - Pending Canadian Youth Record - does not advance to final
Annie LeBlanc, 4th in semi final #3, 2:05.17 PB - does not advance to final

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