Tuesday, December 29, 2009

12 Days of Christmas

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoying the holiday season. I have had the pleasure of heading out to the mountains a few times to take in snowshoeing and classic cross country skiing. My hip flexors are mighty sore from the cross country skiing. Funny how something you have not done in a while hurts you after.

I have been enjoying training, spending time with friends and the great outdoors, eating and watching movies. My twelve days of Christmas training started on December 23. I have been getting in about 3 to 5 hours of training per day thus far. The next six days will be bigger days and I am looking forward to it.

It has been pretty quiet around my place as my family is Mexico, Arizona and BC. I have been hanging out at home watching movies and reading. I made myself a great Christmas dinner and watched movies on Christmas day. I have not been home at Christmas for a few years now. So I wanted to ensure that I did some winter stuff this year so the snowshoeing and skiing has been fun.

I always find that Christmas finds me reflecting on things and also really solidifies what is important to me. For me the New Year is a time when I begin to really implement changes that I want to make in my own person. I do not believe in New Year's resolutions but I do believe in committing to growth and change. This year my commitment is to take more care of myself and learn to say "no" to things that I should say "no" to. Nothing too serious here, just committing not to give in to people when it is not in my best interest. Business needs to be business and friendships need to reciprocal.

I will soon have a pretty good sketch of what I plan on doing for racing in 2010 as well. I have been putting the final touches on things. More on that later.

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