Monday, October 12, 2009

What up?

I have not written for awhile, yet I had so much that I could have written about. So I thought best to provide a few quick update on me and some of my athletes.

Here it goes:

- last part of summer was spent bike racing as training preparation for Duathlon Worlds.
- competed in Duathlon Worlds where I ended up 6th. I was bit disappointed but it was what the day gave me. Work has been sucking time out of training and most days I am exhausted. I get in training but it is not with the amount of freshness required nor at ideal times.
- cyclocross season is here and I love it. Greatest sport ever!!
- some commuter on his bike hit me head on while I was on my bike. I suffered a concussion, whiplash, and a very bruised up left arm. Surprised my forearm was not broken.
- above crash impacted my ability to compete at Cyclcocross nationals with any gusto. Disappointed but raring to go for the last half of the seaon here.

I had a group of athletes compete in Kelowna for the half and full marathon:
1:25:09 Heather Johnson - 3rd women - a new personal best time
1:46:53 Holly Clarke - 15th in age group 40-49 - A new personal best time
3:20:07 Neil Montgomery - 18th in age group 30-39 - an 18 minute improvement over Calgary Marathon and huge new personal best time

Nice work guys!

That is it for now!

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