Sunday, March 30, 2008

Morrison 6th at California Half Iron and upcoming Women's Race at Glencoe 10k

California Half Ironman:

Top Female Finishers
1 04:23:14 82 CSOMOR, ERIKA, HUN
2 04:25:51 58 CARFRAE, MIRINDA, AUS
3 04:26:40 51 CAVE, LEANDA, GBR
4 04:28:51 54 JONES, MICHELLIE, AUS
5 04:29:23 53 MCGLONE, SAMANTHA, CAN
7 04:36:34 63 KOZULINA, TAMARA, UKR
8 04:39:14 52 MARSH, AMY, AUSTIN TX
9 04:40:55 65 NYSTROM, EVA, SWE
10 04:45:33 73 GOOS, SOFIE, BEL

Hats off to Cat with showing her diversity and strength as an all around athlete. She continues to show her talent in running, duathlon (short and long course) and distance triathlon.

Glencoe 10k - April 6th

Check out the action this weekend at the Glencoe 10k where a strong field of women will tow the line. This race, in the early 90s, was one of the most competitive races in Alberta where times as fast as 34 min were run by the women. With the removal of the prize money back in 2000, the attraction of elite runners to the race declined. However, this year that is changing. Even without the prize money, the women's field is deep. Last year's winner Jessica O'Connell who posted a time of 36 minutes and change will be returning. As well, her Dino teammate and my niece, Faye Stenning will debut in her first 10km. Both are rookies on the Dino squad and are coming off a strong indoor track season. They will be heavily chased by Shari Boyle who has been training very well under my guidance. This group, I am certain will form the first pack of women gunning for under 37 min. The second pack will likely be in the 38 to 39 minute range. I think that this will be one of the most competitive 10k races to hit Alberta since the mid to late 90s. This is a tough course which I like to describe as false flats followed by a hill, followed by a slight downhill section, followed by more false flats, followed by rollers, and ending with even more false flats.

The up and coming runners for females in this Province is truly exciting. With Paula Findlay, Faye Stenning and Jessica O'Connell all experimenting with the 5km and 10k on the road as they ready for the outdoor track season in California in late April.

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