Sunday, January 20, 2008

Golden Bear Indoor Track Meet

Well this weekend, I thought I would do something different and race on the track. I have always wanted to race at the same time as my neice so this weekend I got to do that in the 3000m. It was alot of fun as coaches from my past and Faye's present, along with friends thought it was a cool thing. I had fun hanging out with Faye's Dino Teammates.

I think this may have been my 6th 3000 meter indoor race ever and my very first 1500 meter race ever. When I trained for marathons in my prime, I used to race the 3000m at the end of my 20 mile runs. In 2002, I trained for indoor 3000m for the first time. I had just turned 40 years of age and was just coming off a torn plantar facia. I thought it was a good way to get back at it. That year, with no experience racing on the track I managed run two 3000 in 10:36 and 10:34, respectively. I also did a indoor Master mile at the Talisman and ran 5:32.

Now at age 46, and just coming off a marathon in December, I was curious to see where I was at in terms of speed as I began doing track workouts on Januray 1. So running a 3000m was the only sure way that I felt I would determine this. I thought I would run around 11:15 but I ended up running 12:01. I have some work ahead of me! I decided to run the 1500m just out of curiousity. I had no clue what the event was about. I have to say that this is the most fun I have ever had. This event is totally fun. I really liked how fast it goes by and how the pain comes rushing at you at between the 800 and 1200 meter points. I love this. I enjoyed pushing through this. I cannot describe it but this is the kind of pain that I relish in. I wish I had more leg turnover to really do this event well. Maybe this summer that is what I will attempt to do leading up to the Canadian Masters Championships.

All in all I had a great weekened of racing. Most people are afraid of the track as it is a fishbowl. However, I love it as I believe it teaches you to deal with pressure and pain. And of course, the track never lies about the distance or how you race. Lap times tell you everything.

As for my neice, she had a tough weekend. I felt she ran pretty good but she was disappointed with her times. She is still building up from coming off her plantar facia injury last March. She just needs to get used to racing again. She has run 9:52 for 3000m and it has been hard on her mentally to see her pb on the clock with 200m to go. I feel for her and in my heart know that she will pull out a sub-10 before the indoor season ends. As for the 1500m, she can run 4:40 but just needs to hang in there. At 18 years of age, she has alot ahead of her.

Kudos to Grant Burwash who ended up 3rd in the 3000m. He had an awesome race and it was very exciting to watch. The open women's 1500 was also very exciting to watch as it was a photo finish with three runners.

Women 3000 Meter Run Open
Name Year Team Finals
1 Findlay, Paula 89 U of A Track 10:04.94
2 Graham, Chelsea 92 Edmonton Thu 10:24.96
3 Stenning, Faye 89 U of C 10:33.83
4 Medinski, Danika 89 U of A Track 11:08.73
5 Vogler, Nik 79 Calgary Inte 11:14.69
6 Hittel, Sarah 87 U of C 11:35.11
7 Yaworski, Sandra 61 UNA 12:01.24
8 Lithgow, Kirstie 87 U of A Track 12:01.76
9 Fleming, Jessica 86 U of A Track 12:09.12
10 McMaster, Sarah 90 Edmonton Thu 12:13.39
11 Thomas, Lexie 88 U of L 12:49.88
12 Biffert, Sheena 83 U of L 12:52.05
13 Bukieda, Katelyn 88 U of A Track 13:01.65
14 Travis, Emily 88 U of L 14:16.28

Women 1500 Meter Run Open
Name Year Team Finals
1 Souter, Jenn 84 U Sask 4:33.81
2 Sim, Heather 85 U of C 4:33.91
3 O'Connell, Jessica 89 U of C 4:33.93
4 Souter, Jodi 88 U Sask 4:50.92
5 Stenning, Faye 89 U of C 4:51.47
6 Richards, Marcia 88 U Sask 4:52.66
7 Aitken, Stephanie 87 U of A Track 4:54.99
8 Warkentin, Caitlin 88 U Sask 4:59.20
9 Hurdle, Valerie 88 U of C 4:59.33
10 Bernes, Megan 85 U of A Track 5:06.27
11 Vogler, Nik 79 Calgary Inte 5:10.20
12 Hittel, Sarah 87 U of C 5:20.37
13 Lithgow, Kirstie 87 U of A Track 5:27.63
14 Fleming, Jessica 86 U of A Track 5:35.79
15 Burton, Rachel 87 U of A Track 5:45.36
16 Soderberg, Jennifer 87 U of A Track 5:47.36
17 Bukieda, Katelyn 88 U of A Track 5:55.96
18 Zariwny, Larissa 79 U of A Track 5:59.57
19 Ulmer, Laura 82 Edmonton Mas 6:38.98

Women 35-49 1500 Meter Run Masters
Name Year Team Finals
1 Dixon, Donna 62 Calgary Road 5:17.33
2 Yaworski, Sandra 61 UNA 5:38.94
3 Corcoran, Marlene 63 Wapiti Strid 6:09.71

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