Monday, November 26, 2007

Seattle Marathon Results

Nice work by Dan Barker and James Schneider who both broke 3:40 for the marathon. This was personal best for James and the first marathon for Dan. Not bad for a couple of old dudes :)!

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Anonymous said...

Here are a few things I noted;

1. On the way to the start we got to watch all the half marathoners take off but what was especially funny was this woman that ran smack into a parking meter. She did the Wily Coyote bounce off of it onto the ground then jumped off and took off again. The five of us were so stunned as it happened so fast but we had a good laugh over it.

2. We actually got a sunny day in Seattle with little wind and somewhat clear skies. Seattle can be beautiful when it doesn't rain.

3. There are a lot of fit people in Seattle as it is not your typical American city with heifers all over the place (ie. Las Vegas).

4. You can't get crappy service or bad food in Seattle even if you tried, people actually want to help you and they are even nice to you in the stores too. Some of the best seafood is in Seattle (and of course the coffee too).

5. Don't always count on your chip working as I found out after looking at my race results. Dan and I paced each other the whole race but my chip didn't work so I got dinged the extra 30 seconds it took to walk across the start line. Yes, Dan did finish ahead of me as I didn't have anything left but he was pumped doing so well in his first marathon. Great run Dan.

6. Downhill is harder to run than uphill especially the last 2 km in a marathon.

7. There are more possessed people out there than triathletes and they are called ultramarathoners. We met one guy running the race that had done the "ghost" Seattle marathon the day before plus he was planning on running two marathons the next weekend. He said he had 2 marathons left to do this year so he could hit his target goal of 40 marathons. The guys was nuts!!!!!

8. As cute as it looks don't dress up in a bunny costume to run a marathon. A young guy did this and we passed him at mile 20 where he was having trouble running and he had the upper half of the costume off.

9. People can die in these races because there was an ambulance right in the stadium hauling a runner out that collapsed 50 yards from the finish. They had to revive him with the paddles (according to the spectactors) and what's worse he had his young family there watching all of this happening (he was in his early thirties).

10. Not all marathons supply flat coke so be prepared to run into a store and pick up a bottle along the route.

11. Its always good to end a race sitting in a pub, drinking beers, eating chicken wings, watching the Grey Cup and being served by twins....nice.

Just some of the things we encountered.