Monday, October 01, 2007

Sandra's Plan for the Week and Results from Around the World

Sandra's plan for October 1 to 7

Monday: 6 mile easy run and Weights
Tuesday: AM: easy swim and PM: Run Intervals
Wednesday: AM: 75 min trainer ride and PM: 8 mile run. Running the last 5 min hard
Thursday: AM: 30 min easy and PM: Fartlek
Friday: 90 min trainer ride and Weights
Saturday: Hills and Tempo
Sunday: 20 mile long run. Running the last 3 miles faster than marathon pace. PM: swim 2000 m recovery

Total this week: Run 70 miles; Swim 4000 m; Bike: 165 min; Weights twice

Around the World

Some fast running occurred this past weekend in big time events. Here are the highlights:

Great North Run
Tyneside, UK – It was meant to be a comeback show for Paula Radcliffe but Kara Goucher gatecrashed the party on Tyneside this morning as the American delivered a decisive blow to the British world Marathon record holder to win the Great North Run half marathon in north east England in 66:57.

It’s not that Radcliffe ran badly – she finished second in 67:53 – just that Goucher had a superb run, delivering a shock to the Briton as she produced the fastest half marathon in the world this year and the fastest ever by an American, her time quicker than Deena Kastor’s 67:34 US record from Berlin last year.

Scotiabank Marathon
Kenya's John Kelai won the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Sunday in 2:09:30, the fastest time ever run on Canadian soil. Kelai, 30, shaved 25 seconds off the time posted by East Germany's Waldemar Cierpinski at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Kelai also cut 43 seconds from the Toronto Waterfront record previously held by countryman Daniel Rono, who Kelai ran down Sunday near the 40-kilometre mark before pulling away with a strong sprint to the finish line. Vancouver's Jerry Ziak was the top Canadian in his marathon debut.

Ethiopia's Asha Gigi won the women's race in 2:33:16, a course record for women. She was followed by Poland's Malgorzata Sobanska (2:34:21) and Russia's Alevtina Biktimirova (2:34:54). Lisa Harvey, 9th , 1st Canadian Woman, 2:48:46.0 followed by another Calgarian, Janelle Morrison , 10th, 2:49:36.0

Michal Kapral set a new "joggling" record for completing the marathon while juggling three objects.

Running in near ideal conditions, Haile Gebrselassie shattered the World record in the marathon, clocking 2:04:26 at the real,-Berlin Marathon today. Defending his Berlin title, the 34-year-old Ethiopian knocked 29 seconds from the preview record, 2:04:55, set by Kenyan Paul Tergat over the same course in 2003.

NY 5Th Avenue Mile
NEW YORK (29-Sep) -- Alan Webb of Reston, Va., and Carmen Douma-Hussar of Ardmore, Pa., were the winners of the 27th annual Continental Airlines Fifth Avenue Mile held here today on a breezy autumn day.

Webb clocked 3:52.7 to edge defending champion, Kevin Sullivan, a Canadian from Champaign, Il., who ran 3:52.9. Former UCLA Bruin Jon Rankin of San Diego, Calif., was third in 3:53.3.

Douma-Hussar, a Canadian, ran the fastest time here since 1998, winning for the second time in three years in 4:22.8. Amy Mortimer of Providence, R.I., was second in 4:23.6 and Sara Hall of Big Bear Lake, Calif., the defending champion, was third in 4:24.1.

Harvest Half Marathon
Coach Sandra Ran to finish in 5th spot and picked up her third pair of runners in 6 weeks.

Waldorf Cross Country
Shari BOYLE 35:18 F3039 2/7


Anonymous said...

*Shari clears her throat* was a crisp sunny mid-day for the start of the Waldorf Cross Country race. Coach Yaworski warned that there would be great challenges that lay ahead on this cross country course, but the naive Shari Boyle's race exuberance clouded her ability to heed the warning. Letting the "fun" atmosphere get to her head, minutes before race start, she struck up a conversation with a friend (who shall remain un-named) of coach Yaworski. Relaxing perhaps just a little bit too much pre-race, Shari turned to see the pack of racers start off, down the hill, then right before her eyes, up a hill, in to the woods, to begin the first of many single-track sections of the race. She would describe it as "surreal" , thinking "I think that is the start of my race!". After quickly confirming with the race director that it was, Shari was off like a mad woman. Lindsay McLaren was the talented lead woman, and she now had a significant advantage. Through shrubs and trees, nothing was stopping Shari from passing on narrow trails, and no amount of lactic acid was going to make her stop until she caught up to where Shari thought she should be! Around 4k in to the race, she had done it, and the race was hers to win. But one surge was all it took for Lindsay to "dust" the already "spent" Shari. Salvaging a little bit of hope in her head, for the remainder of the race Shari simply tried to stay "in touch". The finish clock showed a time difference of 15 seconds between the winner, Lindsay, and Shari. Could this have been Shari's defecit from the start??

Alright, let's face it, I made a rookie mistake - nobody's fault but my own that I am a big chatter box.Then I panicked, and then ran too hard to make up for it! Lindsay won fair and square - but I sure do look forward to a re-match!

Kyle Marcotte said...

hmmm.... weights on your recovery day? Why not do the weight session after the intervals and have your recovery day as a recovery day?

polishbaba said...

well... it is a time thing for the most part. As well, when training for a marathon, my weights tend to focus on endurance and after a hard workout I struggle to do this effectively (maybe it is age). As such, I have chosen to do weights on my recovery days. Back in the old day, I always did weights on either interval day or tempo day.

When I am done the marathon, done my base period, and begin indoor track (in which my hard running days will not be as long), I will definitely do weights after track.

Good question.