Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Geoff Hopfner's James Cunningham Seawall Race Report

The short version - fast field, fast course, crappy weather. Good time, given the week leading up to the race (33:18 for 9.5 km roughly 35:00 minute 10 km).

Longer version.
Awoke to nice weather which changed as the race start approached. Clouds came and it was raining by the time the race started. Was pushed back a bit at the start line and had to jostle for position. Took the first km easy while the pack spread out and quickly dropped the group I stated with. Around km 2 matched pace with a guy who would be with me until the end. Km 2-4 where fairly uneventful catching a nd dropping a few people who could not match pace. Starting around km 4 attempted a series of surges which were countered. These surges continued and two of us worked our way to 7 and 8th place. Km 7 attempted a pass/drop of guy who I was running with at the top of a hill, didn't go well. He managed to counter and take a 20 or so metre lead. Caught the guy around km 8 and not wanting things to come down to a sprint pushed the pace far into my redline. Around km 8.5 took about a 2 stride lead before being passed again this time for good.
Ended up with a 33:18 9.5 km time in 8th in a fast field.

Take Away - Surging, something I've really been trying to work on, is a fantastic tool. It lets you run your race and forces others to react. It can be incredibly mentally tough getting passed right after surging. This is something I need to work on. If I had to do it again I would have maintained a strong pace between km 8-9 and attempted to win in a sprint.
Given the long run I did Friday AM this was a pretty good race and only a couple seconds over my pb.


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Anonymous said...

Did not show 2007; maybe 08, hope to beat you. sub 33 a possibility if no injuries.