Thursday, August 16, 2007

Two weekends of Races

Good racing to all racing this weekend at Apple Triathlon in Kelowna and various 5km / 10km races in Alberta.

Next Weekend, the highlight of alot of athletes either as participants or spectators... Ironman Canada. Athletes James and Dan (debut) slap the water, pedal the climbs and pound the pavement in Penticton. Rest, nutrition and hydration is pretty much all that remains for these boys.

Need to take a drive... well I say head to the Interior BC and take in the events. I hear it is hot there!

Oh, and I hear that Ryan is exchanging vows on August 25 in PEI. Dude, I have your shoes.

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Mike "Chewy" said...

I am here, again, at Kelowna for the Apple triathlon. This is my 4th time here and 3rd time racing, I must say this is the single event I enjoy the most (so far).

The course was bike and race courses were changed slightly due to construction, but the 4 hill repeats were still here.

The elite race is as exciting as every year. Paul T. won the men's race. Lisa Mensink and Jill Savage (with a Japanese athlete who sneaked in there somehow) led the bike from begining to end with a huge margin. Unfortunately, Jill had to drop out due to injuries and Lisa was left on her own to lead the race for the rest of the run. Although it would be nice to see a run-down between Lisa and Jill, Lisa's running returned and looked very strong yesterday. I think she'll do amazing at Hamburg's World Championship in 2 weeks.

Quick re-cap:
PB at my swim 24mins, faster than Edmonton and last year's swim by 1 minute (Thank you Josie).

Had a few bike problems on the 1st and 2nd climb of the bike, not entire sure how I got back onto my bikein the middle of the hill but I did. With the road being slipper, I had to be extra careful on the corners but I did manage a few attacks on the corners. Passed a few guys in my age-group as well.

Run was good, I felt solid throughout. Got chased down by 2 guys around 7 Km but I kept pushing my pace until the end and managed to keep them behind me.

I feel i am swimming where I should be now and felt much better in the water. Hamburg World has been occupying my mind for the last little while, so I was not as mentally prepared for this race as I would like. As a result, i kept thinking I can't get into an accident, which resulted in me being too conservative on the bike and run.