Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 Race Plans

It has been awhile since I have written about my pursuits and what my intentions are for the upcoming season of competitions. Well, here it all is.

As many of you know, last year was a busy season for me. In fact, I would have to say that I competed more in 2005 as a master athlete than I did when I competed as professional/amateur in my younger years (okay that is not quite true). My move from being a runner to this thing called Ironman has had many benefits and rewards but also has been a bit heavier on the pocket book. This leads me first bit of information… a new bike… and what a beautiful thing she is. Apparently, all bikes are of the female gender! She still does not have a name and I am open to suggestions (keep it clean!)

It is a Time Trial bike and rated as the most aero dynamic bikes in the market. It is a full carbon frame which means it is super light. In addition, the bike will outfit a sweet pair of racing wheels and titanium pedals which will make it even lighter. Additionally, on my feet will be a full carbon fiber composite sole shoe.

During the past several months, I increased the amount of time I have spent in the water. Being that swimming is my weakest component, I felt it was time to do something about it. As such, I have been swimming 4 times a week which consists of three 1.5 hour morning swims during the week (5 am hurts!) and one 2 hour swim on Sunday afternoons. I feel really clean! Am I improving… yes… and I am getting very comfortable in the water.

In terms of my racing plans, I have broken down my season into three parts. I am, after all, a planner by nature.

In April, I will be doing a couple of running events; the key event being the Vancouver Sun Run. For those of you unfamiliar with this race, it is the third largest 10 km race in the World. I hope to be a contender for the Master’s title and a top 15 finish in female overall. As this is one of the most competitive races in North America, such a result would very solid.

In May, I will be heading to Penticton for a Duathlon and a 10 day bike camp. The camp is put on by Canada’s top cycling coach and is attending by some of Canada’s top cyclists. I am honored to be part of the camp, and will be conducting some running seminars for Triathletes during the period as well.

June through to August will be busy months as I increase my volume of training to prepare for five key events. The events are as follows:
• Oliver Half Ironman (first time I have done this event)
• Station Flats Duathlon or Arbour Lake Duathlon (Winner of this in 2005)
• Osoyoos Half Ironman (5th place finish in Pro Category)
• World Duathlon … to be held in Cornerbrook, NFL this year. Goal is to improve upon my 10th place finish in Newcastle, Australia in 2005. Home country advantage and a hilly course will work to my advantage.
• I will also be doing some tune-up bike races with my cycling team, Speed Theory, during this period.
• Ironman Canada. My goal is to improve upon my 2005 result. If all goes well, I hope to break into the top 10 overall females.

So there you have it; a busy season with a new bike. During the months of September and October, I plan on resting and preparing for my CMA exams. That should keep me busy and a tad stressed. To keep me and fit during this period, I plan on training for Canadian Cross Country Championships where I hope to contend for the Master’s title. And yes, after much convincing, I am giving some thought to running a marathon. It would be my first marathon as a Master runner. It will take some adjustments; I have not run a marathon (outside of the Ironman) since 2001. The Canadian record for a female 45+ is 2:46:21. My goal is to do my best and strive to break the record.

I am always thankful that my health continues to stabilize and that I am injury free. The last five years, as many of you are aware, has been mixture of ups and downs; however, I feel these bumps along the way continue to make me stronger and enjoy every moment that is given to me.

That’s a wrap!

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In closing, remember …
1. Be the best -- reach high, dream big, always seek personal growth, live honorably
2. Just do it -- work hard for the rest of your life
3. What is, is -- live in the present, constantly look forward to your goals, learn from challenges, accept everything


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